Extreme Privacy: What It Takes to Disappear

Autor Michael Bazzell
Einband Hardcover Paperback
Auflage 4th Edition (2022)
ISBN 9788431566364
Sprache Englisch
Seiten 517

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Extreme Privacy: What It Takes to Disappear - 4th Edition (2022)

Michael Bazzell has helped hundreds of celebrities, billionaires, and everyday citizens disappear completely from public view. He is now known in Hollywood as the guy that “fixes” things. His previous books about privacy were mostly REACTIVE and he focused on ways to hide information, clean up an online presence, and sanitize public records to avoid unwanted exposure. This textbook is PROACTIVE. It is about starting over. It is the complete guide that he would give to any new client in an extreme situation. It leaves nothing out and provides explicit details of every step he takes to make someone completely disappear, including legal documents and a chronological order of events. The information shared in this book is based on real experiences with his actual clients, and is unlike any content ever released in his other books. The stories are all true, with the exception of changed names, locations, and minor details in order to protect the privacy of those described. For many, this is the only privacy manual needed to secure a new digital life.

Auf der Webseite des Autor finden sich neben weiteren Informationen zu diesem Buch, u. a. noch ein sehr interessanter Podcast, ein Privacy, Security und OSINT Magazin und diverse Tools.